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25 Feb 2018

Renewable Energy Solar PV Panels...

Renewable Energy Solar PV Panels installed in Worcester home by ACRS LtdHave you considered the benefits of installing a renewable energy system like Solar PV Panels? Are you aware you can actually earn money by producing your own Electicity?

Householders who generate their own electricity from Solar PV Panels can actually get paid by a Government scheme for doing so!

Under the FIT Scheme*, if you as a householder elect to install Solar PV Panels to generate electricity, you will be paid a "generation tariff" of up to 41.3p for each KWh of electricity produced.

And it doesn't matter whether you consume the electricity yourself or not. You will still get paid!

That's right! You will get paid whether you use the electricity or not, and the tax-free payments will be index-linked for the next 25 years!

And if you feed back any unused electricity to the National Grid, you will earn an extra 3p per KWh under the "export tariff". Power companies have set this at an average of 50% of what you produce, but if you think you will export more it is advisable to get an export meter fitted.

To qualify for the FIT Scheme and earn money from your renewable energy investment, you must be amongst the early starters or one of the first to do so, and your Solar PV Panels must be installed by an accredited MCS** installer like ACRS Ltd. Registration for the scheme is fairly straightforward, and ACRS will work with you to ensure that your application is complete and accurate in every respect.

So if you are interested in doing your bit for the environment by installing Solar PV Panels, please contact ACRS by phone on 01386 556607, by email to enquiries@acrsltd.co.uk, or click here to use their online contact-enquiry form.

ACRS will explain everything to you, including:
  • how the FIT Scheme works;
  • what earnings you can expect;
  • how the solar electricity you produce is integrated into your existing electric supply;
  • how the surplus electricity you produce is exported to the National Grid.
But please hurry. The scheme is going to be reviewed by the Coalition Government in the near future, so if you want to participate at the generous levels of payments currently on offer, then please act without delay!

*FIT = Feed-in Tariff
**MCS = Micro-generation Certificate Scheme

Renewable Energy Heat Pumps...

ACRS are in the process of extending their range of renewable energy services, and will soon be certified to install eco-friendly Heat Pumps which are capable of extracting heat from the air or the ground, depending on your choice of fitment.

To encourage you to install Heat Pumps in your home, grants are currently available from the Government, so please contact ACRS for more information.

Air Source Heat Pumps...

Air-source Heat Pumps work by extracting energy from the air and converting it into heat, and modern heat pumps can even do so at temperatures as low as -12șC to -15șC, so they are extremely efficient.

They are not totally "green" as they need electricity to work, but the energy they create is constantly being renewed. Heat pumps work with virtually any type of central heating system, and can help to considerably reduce your electricity consumption from the National Grid, resulting in lower bills and considerable savings for you.

Ground Source Heat Pumps...

Instead of extracting heat from the air, Ground-source Heat Pumps extract heat using pipes which are buried in the ground. The heat generated is then used to heat the water-based heating system in your home, providing you with an almost constant source of renewable heating energy.

Ground-source heat pumps are normally more expensive to install than air-source heat pumps, but they tend to more efficient and thus more cost-effective in the long term.

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